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Even though you want to eat healthy while you are traveling it is easy to give into the temptation to grab a pizza for dinner and maybe an ice cream cone here and there. There are ways to watch what you eat while you are traveling or on vacation. All you have to do is use a little bit of will power and you will feel good about yourself and feel good too as you are truly living health and fitness.

If you are flying it is even easier than ever to watch your food consumption because most of the airlines no longer offer food or even a snack any more. You will need to be a bit cautious during layovers, because there are lots of junk food options available in the terminal while you sit and wile away the time waiting for your connecting flight. Just keep in mind that your objective is to be living health and fitness.

If you are driving it can become a bit more challenging. Fast food is everywhere, and if you are in a rush to get somewhere, faster is better. There are a couple of things that can save you though. One thing you can do is pack some vegetables on ice and put them in a cooler to go in the car with you. This is a far better means of replenishing your nourishment than relying on some greasy spoon along the way.

Once you arrive at your hotel you will want to ignore the mini-bar all together. Don’t even accept the key as it would be way too tempting. If your hotel serves a continental breakfast you should eat only the fruits and cereals and avoid the pastries. If there is a microwave and a refrigerator in your room, you will be able to prepare the meals that you have brought with you in your cooler.

If you find it hard to fix three square meals a day try to fit in six smaller meals or snacks as your body needs fuel every four hours or so. It is important not to miss any meals. When it is possible try to avoid large meals at night. When your body gets ready for sleep your metabolism slows down and burns calories at a much slower rate. It is best to choose fish or poultry with a vegetable as a side dish.


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