Health and Fitness Tips For Moms With Toddlers

With a baby most find it fairly simple to squeeze their workout routine in either during naptime, or after baby’s bedtime. Once naptimes are cut down and bedtime comes later it may be hard to find time to get exercise on a regular basis, and likewise ensure that one stays healthy. Rather than just giving up on a regular fitness routine there are a following health and fitness tips that may help.

No matter how busy your day is, you need to make time for yourself. Call it mental health time, because without it you are likely to go a bit batty. Even if you don’t use it to exercise, taking a break from your motherly duties will help you recoup, and will make you a better mom. Use it to workout, read a book, or have a hot bath.

Toddlers are always busy, and sometimes the best health and fitness tips we can offer you is to try to keep up with them. Run around at the park, take them for a nature walk, or if you really want to burn some major calories and tone up muscle, put them on your back. With a comfortable backpack you can carry around your little one until they are fifty pounds.

We tend to spend so much time making meals and snacks for our toddlers that we end up snatching food for ourselves that isn’t very healthy. Try having foods and snacks that are easy to make and eat at hand. Items such as carrots sticks, whole grain breads and cereals, fresh fruit and yogurt make great snacks and can serve as lunch in a pinch. So the next time you reach for the cookies, get an apple and some cheese instead


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