Health and Fitness Facts and Myths Exposed

Just like all other rumors that you might hear there are truths and fictions about health and fitness too. Someone hears something like a great exercise tip at the local gym. Maybe they even didn’t hear it right. But they innocently tell something they know, and another myth is born, again.

If the person giving you the tip is one of authority you are more likely to take that tip as gospel. These “rumors” can be harmful especially if the person does not do the exercise correctly. You’ll want to continue reading this article for more facts on health and fitness myths.

Would you be surprised to learn that myths exist about treadmill workouts and your knees. It’s been said that treadmills are less harsh on your knees than running on pavement, concrete or asphalt. This is indeed not a true statement. When you run or jog, the force of your weight impacts your knees. Your knees will still experience that impact regardless of surface you are running on.

Treadmills may offer some give but they are not going to offer extra support to your knees. Your knees will thank you for making the investment into a quality running shoe. Over extension is another mythical being that goes something like this, if you aren’t feeling the burn you aren’t doing enough. You can feel the effects of a workout sometimes a few days after the activity especially if it’s been a while since you’ve done anything. What we are describing is the experience of millions who get revved-up after years of inactivity and hit it hard. So it can be dangerous if you have been relatively sedentary and decide to get in shape. If you want to avoid this, take it slow, talk to your doctor and you’ll get the best experience.

One truth about fitness exercises is they are great for your mental horsepower. In other words, working out helps to make your brain more powerful and operate at a higher level of performance.

Research studies have proven that regular aerobic exercise will increase your circulation too. This circulation increase will help produce increased serotonin levels in the brain. The clarity of your brain is another effect of this increased level of serotonin. This is not only fascinating but also a very good thing.

You will be more capable of knowing what it truth and what is lie if you take time to do the research. For your own sanity and interest, do this regularly. You’re making the extra effort to exercise, be sure you know how to do it right. The benefits you will reap are worth the extra effort to do the research.


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