Cardio Exercises for Health and Fitness

What is a cardiovascular exercise and why do we need one?

A cardiovascular exercise is oftentimes referred to as aerobic exercises. It increases heart rate and improves oxygen system in all parts of our body. It is a popular form of weight loss and physical fitness activity that often takes a commercial form. Everyone must establish a workout regimen to make our heart work harder and pump more blood that will help our blood flow smoothly all throughout our body to maintain our good health; making us always feel energized, physically and mentally fit. Cardio exercise also combats depression by activating the neurotransmitters that is often associated to avoid depression putting us always in a better mental condition. It is essentially part of our lifestyle to stay well and healthy.

What are the benefits we can get from this?

A cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart and lungs as well as it strengthen the muscles all throughout the body. It improves blood circulation and efficiently reduces blood pressure.

It boosts the metabolism, burns calories, and helps lose weight as well as it improves mental health and lowering the incidence of depression. This form of exercise also reduces the risk for diabetes. It increases energy and helps reduce stress that promotes a restful sleep.

What are the types or forms of this exercise?

There are lots of types or forms of cardiovascular exercise. The lists below were among the popular and the best types of exercises. The number of calories burned opposite the type of exercise was based in a typical weight of 145 lbs body weight that performed the exercises in 30 minutes time.

  • Walking – 180 calories
  • Cycling – 250 to 500 calories
  • Running – 300 calories
  • Cross-Country Skiing – 330 calories
  • Rock Climbing – 380 calories
  • Swimming – 400 calories
  • Step Aerobics – 400 calories
  • Handball – 400 calories

Are there other ways to perform this exercise?

Yes. There are other ways to perform such exercise. Again, the most popular today and is always done by many who in one way or the other has had a limited time performing the natural ways is by doing the exercises with the use of cardio machines. There are lots of these machines today in the market to choose from. One must carefully choose the best machine to use in his daily exercises that will satisfy his needs. Some of the most popular and beneficial machines that are recommended by fitness experts are the water rowing machines, the high incline treadmills, the techno gym cardio wave, the precor adaptive motion trainer, and the versa climber. A good cardio machine will let you burn of up to 500 calories giving you the benefit of a full body and cardiovascular exercise.

Now that we know the benefits we can get in a cardiovascular exercise, its about time that we must start out a workout regimen that will suit to all our health and fitness needs. Stay Fit-Live Well.


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