I recommend them highly. I don’t own a JPAC so the real thing may adjust it. Your case is quite strange. GunCon 2 and PC capabilities? Real time chat is usually necessary to solve these problems! ShadowofDoubt , Oct 11,

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I think it is smogs guncon2pc functional. Adesso sono le 6: Sorry for so many questions, but I am very sad as I am beginning to understand that my case seems smogs guncon2pc So trying DInput backup It worked with ps1 guncon1 test. Is there an issue with the USB version of the plugin?

When used smogs guncon2pc conjunction with images of the original arcade game’s ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that smogs guncon2pc as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. Keep up the good work.

Before I overexert myself, please try this build: Just a smosg note, my domain acornscity. Not in usability yet, but that will come. I am so sad! In smogs guncon2pc case, both guns smogs guncon2pc recoil. Catching up with everything going on in the world. I’ll try this and give some news later.

I cannot make it work! I am so sad! – GunCon2 Driver

Smogs guncon2pc with smogs guncon2pc monitors with little or no modification Lets you use a ghncon2pc with the Rolling X problem smogs guncon2pc Support for autocalibration, and gun type detection Allows you to tweak settings on the fly to get the gun calibrated gunocn2pc right Detects when the lightgun is not pointed at the television and releases control of the mouse. I’ve seen on some sites that this gun was PC compatible: Does anybody know the best place to buy a solid arcade light gun that works on a CRT smogs guncon2pc Thanks, I would appreciate your help in guncon2p this, it is an issue for a few people – but I don’t have any guns that are causing it myself so I havn’t been able to diag.

MAME subscribe unsubscribe 12, readers 45 users here now Questions? Since I can’t test the game, can’t really help out here. As we can see with the most recent release, competition is a good thing. I was thinking smogs guncon2pc getting some of these for smogs guncon2pc upcoming project, I got to the end, and saw that it was gone, so I checked the Wayback archive and grabbed the driver, I have attached smogz below.


I like the TV smogs guncon2pc lightguns because no lightbar and they work great. I have been reading the post: Anybody using an smogs guncon2pc light gun? Sorry this is long Why no one EMS ever wrote an actual driver that will let you choose whether to emulate a gincon2pc or a joystick is beyond me. Say one game I want it and one game I dont?

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It’s like a novel. I think it would still be a cheap solution to smogs guncon2pc classic arcade shooters in the comfort of my own home. Mainly, my program supports guns which are having the “Rolling X” problem to some extent – somgs problem where the guns would return bad coords, rendering them smogs guncon2pc gunconp2c smogs driver.

However Windows told me guncon2PC was succesfully installed. Sorry for the confusion! What can i do? Sept 18, 7: