Proudly powered by WordPress. This is connected by a wide ribbon to the mainboard below. I have to emphasize that the tweaking was done in very small steps. It was something I had noticed and it drove me nuts, which is why I always had two burners — one Lite-On, and one non-Lite-On. You will need to depress both clips, and lever off the lid to see the innards.

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The main SOC is just peeking out from above the top liteon lh-18a1p the flexi-ribbon. This is connected by a wide ribbon to the mainboard below. But the community support always pulled through, and these were also some of my favourite drives when it came to lh-18s1p media such as the RICOHJPNR01 4x discs which would faithfully burn liteon lh-18a1p 8x, everytime.

March 8, at I fixed the liteon lh-18a1p by tweaking the two potentiometers: You will see the left is the front panel loader, and this normally oiteon a tray liteon lh-18a1p, some gears, a few buttons, a position encoder, headphone socket, potentiometer and an LED. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which potentiometer does what lh-18a1pp they could be power, focus, tilt or something else altogether.

The other potentiometer worked the same, but for reading DVDs.

Thank you for sharing your findings. March 3, at 8: Well first, turn them over and undo the four screws that secure the base-plate to liteon lh-18a1p contraption.

Use the paperclip to emergency-eject the tray, unclip the front bezel from the tray, then the body, and you lh18a1p be left with the following: You will also see the flash chip with the firmware, covered with a label that has the initial firmware revision the drive shipped with — BS March 3, liteon lh-18a1p How to open these drives?

The LiteOn drives were extremely flexible, firmware wise, in liteon lh-18a1p of read-speed and write speed hacks, strategy re-labelling liteon lh-18a1p swapping through Omnipatcher because of the big community that had built around guys at CD Freaks which included employees of LiteOn themselves.

Use the paperclip to emergency-eject the tray, lg-18a1p the front liiteon from the tray, then the body, and you should be left with the following:. This entry was liteon lh-18a1p in ComputingObituary and tagged computer hardwaredeadoptical disc. The LiteOn benefits extended further, including a well-documented way to reset the RPC region control lockout settings, and ways to flash back to RPC-1 if necessary.

Directly in liteno middle of the photo is the lens and the main liteon lh-18a1p assembly which contains the lasers and photodiodes which read and write your data.

An Obiturary: LiteOn SOHWS, and LHA1P | Gough’s Tech Zone

This allowed us to gain speed, free of charge, courtesy of a few bit-twiddles. Liteon lh-18a1p doing testing for the Milleniata post, I discovered that my two trusty quality test workhorses were dead.

So there we are — a look into the innards of a dead optical drive. I have been able to fix the non-reading issue of my drive. One liteon lh-18a1p thing is that the laser pickups have QR codes on them — liteon lh-18a1p both drives and scanning their pickups gives us the following photo:.

One liteon lh-18a1p them is the serial number, the lighter colour one appears to provide calibration data — possibly to do with skew angles of the laser focus.

An Obiturary: LiteOn SOHW-1633S, and LH-18A1P

Proudly powered by WordPress. And in the end Liteon lh-18a1p have a working drive again. The data from the left one is 0.

This is lh-18ap underside of liteon lh-18a1p drive. The little chip near the power supply bypass caps is the EEPROM which contains unique calibration data for the actual drives. It was something I had noticed and liteon lh-18a1p drove me nuts, which is why I always had two burners — one Lite-On, and one non-Lite-On.

The SOHWs suffered some likely combo chip failure and was unable to control its tray, or spindle motor. I figured out that if I turn one potentiometer clockwise, the drive stops reading CDs; if I turn it counter-clockwise, lh-188a1p reads CDs again.

Through this, their drives inherited liteon lh-18a1p of the features the ribbing on the top surface — that was introduced on the BenQ Philips DW first liteon lh-18a1p a way to keep the airflow inside the drive quiet and to harness it for cooling. The whole sled including the disc spindle motor is mounted on a rigid metal frame which is secured to the plastic frame of the drive using anti-vibration silicone grommets — this reduces noise and vibration transfer to the case, but also ensures that the sled and spindle all vibrate in harmony liteon lh-18a1p the disc to maintain good tracking at high speeds.