Thinking this could be an issue, I put the SSD back in the same tray, powered off the server, slid it in and powered the server on. If you’re not quick to dismiss the splash screen as soon as you get the option, it’s easy to miss the controller’s prompt. Thu Feb 10, 1: Feb 10, Posts: I don’t work for hp.

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Yes – iLO, not the P If you have remaining unconfigured drives you may create another array. Jan 18, Posts: Wed Nov 17, Assuming you’re on a recent firmware revision for the DL G6 server.

The SATA drives were pretty fast too.

Can’t enter HP SmartArray P RAID ORCA set-up on HP ProLiant DLG6 – Server Fault

Otherwise you can press escape to exit the menu. I only did a coontroller performance test with Bart’s Stuff Test to satisfy me that performance wasn’t atrocious so I don’t have anything definitive.

Feb 4, Posts: The better option for hp smart array p410 controller system, given that you’ve just added the controller to an older server, is to download the current bootable HP Firmware DVD to sjart all of the system components up-to-date. Post as a guest Name. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

We were using a pair of Intel Xe’s in a DL G5 and they worked just fine until we had to upgrade controoller to troubleshoot a random reboot problem and then the controller wouldn’t recognize them at all. Then, click exit immediately and start pressing F8 once it hp smart array p410 controller out, to enter P We suggest changing the RAID level to fit your needs.

I have seen several reports of this. Yes it did, but there was no F8 option in the menu appearing after pressing any key. Cohtroller asked a few VMWare questions here.

HP P410/P410i Array Configuration Guide

I had hp smart array p410 controller issue and it would just skip the option of setting up the raid card, i tried using another cable and it worked. I have seen this behavior in other HP controllers and HP support says that you have to use the recommended hard drive Oct 5, Posts: May 28, Posts: Once you have set your array configuration you should confroller enter to save the configuration.

Feb 9, Posts: Hp smart array p410 controller have transformed the way small businesses operate. Maybe I’ll give that a shot. Server hardware is a significant investment for any business. So after weeks of the same issue and 4 raid cards because i am just that crazy, i have realized that it was always the cable i purchased.

HP P RAID controller and SATA drives not compatible? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Aug 27, Posts: I don’t have a SATA 2. Built Exactly to Your Needs. Avi Bluestein 1 2.

Mar 12, Posts: We opened a ticket with HP but they said tough cookies, if it hp smart array p410 controller have an HP part number they won’t do anything to fix the issue. From there, you’ll see a prompt for the ILO 2 configuration menu and then, you’ll receive a few options for your Smart Array controller.