In the [Language] list, select the language. Enter the printer’s IP address in the [Name or address of server providing lpd box] box. Page Windows NT 4. The system log can be viewed using the “syslog” command. User Print request user name.

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Gestetner C7425dn Toner Cartridges and Toner Refills

Checking the Error Log When a print job is not saved on the hard disk, it remains in the error log and can be c74255dn using the control panel.

You can select the active protocol. In the [Job type: Start SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin.

Displayed Items may differ depending on the printers. Right-click the SmartDeviceMonitor for Client icon, and check that the printer appears on the pop-up menu. Select the zone in which you want to locate the printer, and then click [Change].

Page In the [Available objects] box, click the queue you created, and then click [OK]. When you select [Auto], the printer uses an alternative paper size if the currently specified paper is not loaded.

Troubleshooting Usb Select the [Include this location in the search] check box under [Search for the best driver in these location], and then click [Browse] to select the printer driv- er location.

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Page Before initializing, be sure to check the fonts on the hard disk drive. You can check printer status from your computer. Form feed is controlled by the printer driver on Windows. Making Printer Settings Using the Control Panel Maintenance Menu You can set printing conditions such as density and calibration, and printer man- c7425vn such as formatting the optional hard disk unit.

Page 86 On the [File] menu, click [Print]. Changing the PDF menu Follow the procedure below to c7425n the resolution setting. In this case, no change is necessary for option settings. You can form feed using tray. Confirming the Connection Method Page You can select the active protocol.

7c425dn 93 For details, see the manuals provided with the application you use. For details about where to store the certificate when accessing the printer Double-click the Add Printer icon.

Set Monitoring and Configuring the Printer Use the “set” command to set the protocol information display “active” or “inac- tive”. For information about User Code, see the printer driver Help. Installing The Postscript 3 Printer Driver windows Specify whether or not to print a test page, and then click [Finish]. Open the [AdobePS Component] folder on the c77425dn disk.

WINS server is working c7425ddn. Click [AppleTalk] on the first pop-up menu. The following message appears. Page [Installed] appears under [Certificate Status] to show that a server certificate for the printer has been installed.


Double-click [Desktop Printer Utility]. Click [AdobePS] in [With: A list of printers using c7425en selected protocol appears. Summary of Contents for Gestetner Cdn Page 1: Page On the [System] page, enter the device name in the [Device Name: The zone to which the printer belongs and the available zone list appear.